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Gymnasium Rental Application

  1. The Lodge Des Peres Gymnasium Reservation Application
    Reservations are not booked until you receive confirmation from Lodge Staff that The date/time is available. Upon confirmation Payment will be due.
  2. Des Peres Gymnasium Rental Terms and Conditions

    (a) The Lodge gymnasium will be available for basketball and volleyball practices only.

    (b) Renter may not conduct games, programs or clinics.

    (c) Coaches must provide a roster at least 72 hours prior to the rental. Only athletes, coaches, and parents on the roster are allowed to access the lower level of the Lodge.

    (d) All rental fees are due in full at time of booking. Your court time will not be reserved until payment is received.

    (e) Anyone, including players and coaches, wanting to gain access to the lower level must check in at the front desk. Renters are responsible for spectators staying in the gym area.

    (f) Renters may arrive no sooner than 15 minutes prior to scheduled time.

    (g) The Lodge will provide basketball hoops or a volleyball net/standard system. All other equipment (balls, cones, etc.) is the responsibility or the renter. If the basketball hoops are not at the right height, please ask the fitness desk attendant to make the adjustment.

    Facility rules remain in effect and apply to all renters:

    (h) All participants shall check in at the front desk.

    (I) No more than 30 players are permitted on the court at one time; additional players shall pay daily use fee.

    (j) No outside food or beverages are allowed in the gym or brought in to the facility.

    (k) Only sealed water bottles are allowed on the gym floor.

    (l) Balls may not be kicked or thrown against the walls or the dividing screen.

    (m) All children under 9 years old must be supervised at all times in the facility.

    (n) Shirts and non-marking tennis shoes must be worn at all times.

    (o) Facilities are available to people of all abilities. Renter may not exclude anyone from participation or subject anyone to discrimination based on race, religion, color, national origin or disability.

    (p) Failure to abide by facility rules may result in cancellation of the permit without refund.

    Cancellation Policy

    (a) Any cancellation made that is not rescheduled shall forfeit 75% of the rental fee

    (b) A rental which is rescheduled with less than a 30 days’ notice shall be assessed a $25 rescheduling fee.

    Reservations are not booked until you receive confirmation from Lodge Staff that the date/time is available. Upon Confirmation. Payment will be due.

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