Greenbriar Estates Cul-de-sac Reconstruction

Project Summary

This year's project includes the reconstruction of three cul-de-sacs in Greenbriar Estates: Briar Valley Court, Greenbriar Estates Court, and Wickerton Court. The existing pavement is most likely 5" of concrete on dirt. When we reconstruct, it will consist of 8" of concrete on an aggregate base, with dowel bars for load transfer. Bids were opened on 2/21, and a contract was awarded to Spencer Contracting by the Board of Aldermen at their 2/27 meeting. 

Project Update and Schedule

Briar Valley Court will be replaced in two phases, while Greenbriar Estates Court and Wickerton Court will each be completed in one phase. Letters were delivered to homeowners by Spencer on Thursday 6/1, and updated letters have also been distributed. Waste Connections has been notified. Please put out trash/recycling/yard waste according to regular schedule.


Monday-removal of Briar Valley Court cul-de-sac and south side.

Tuesday-setup on Briar Valley Court cul-de-sac and south side.

Wednesday-pour Briar Valley Court cul-de-sac and south side. Pour had to be suspended due to rain. The remainder of this phase will be poured on Friday.

Thursday-minimal work, as the pour crew had already been assigned for another project.

Friday-pour the rest of the Briar Valley Court cul-de-sac and south side

In order to relieve some of the congestion between Briar Valley Court and Greenbriar Estates Court, we have modified the sequence

Tentative Schedule, Week of 6/12-6/16

Monday-removal of Wickerton Court

Tuesday-setup on Wickerton Court

Wednesday-pour Wickerton Court, Reopen Briar Valley Court, and Remove Greenbriar Estates Court 

Thursday-setup on Greenbriar Estates Court

Friday-pour Greenbiar Estates Court

Concrete generally needs a week of curing before putting traffic onto it. We will be making and breaking test cylinders to monitor strength, and will reopen earlier if appropriate. 

Last updated 6/9/23