Georgian Trail Reconstruction

Project Summary

The Missouri-American Water Company replaced the water main running underneath Georgian Trail in the summer/fall of 2021. This unscheduled work caught the City off-guard, but we have adjusted quickly. Rather than simply having Missouri-American replace the north half of the street, they will instead issue payment for that value to the City. In 2022, the City will hire a contractor to replace the entire street, while also adjusting grades and adding stormwater facilities to combat a longstanding drainage problem. Before the end of 2021, MAWC will remove the current cold patch asphalt and place a smooth hot-mix asphalt patch, plus repair all driveway and yard damage. A notification letter was sent to all residents of Georgian Trail on 11/9/21.

Project Update and Schedule

Hart Engineering is in the process of designing the project this winter. The project will need MSD review/approval due to the stormwater improvements. Construction is scheduled to take place in spring/summer of 2022.

Last updated 11/9/21