Concrete Street Reconstruction

Project Summary
Many of our older concrete streets consist of 5" of concrete on top of compacted soil. Due to the extensive failures of the existing pavement, the concrete street and underlying soil will be removed, and a new cross-section will be constructed, consisting of 4" of rock and 8" of concrete.  Slabs will be tied together using epoxy-coated steel rebars. 

Please note that neither the existing nor new concrete is "colored" concrete.  While there is some limestone-based concrete around the city, most of the concrete contains Meramec sand and gravel, which provides the orange/brown look.  While the new concrete initially appears to be a bright white, over time, the color mellows and the top layer of cement wears off, revealing the brown sand and gravel underneath.
The 2019 project will include three streets in Berkley Manor: Berkley Manor Drive, Federal Drive, and Wedgeton Lane. Bids were opened 2/22/19, with E. Meier Contracting the low bidder. 

Project Location and Schedule
Work started June 4th with Phase 1-Federal Drive from Wendover to Dunmorr. Pouring of concrete started Wednesday 6/12, but they had to quit early due to rain. The rest of the north side was poured the following two days. Pouring of the south side has been delayed due to problems with rain and groundwater from neighboring properties, but it should be poured the week of 6/17.
Removals started on Tuesday 6/12 for Phase 2-Berkley Manor Drive from Camberly to Bopp. This stretch should be poured the week of 6/17.
Phase 3-Wedgeton will not begin until at least one week after the rest of Federal has been poured, so that it can be reopened to traffic.

Notification letters were delivered prior to the start of Phase 1, and will be delivered to each phase in advance of work. Signs have been posted at all phases, directing everyone to this site for more information. Each segment of street will be closed FULL-WIDTH in order to allow work to be completed quickly and safely.  Doing one side of the street at a time would cause disruption for twice as long.  The grid layout of Berkley Manor allows us to do one block at a time, limiting the number of homes without access during each phase.

Phasing Map

Updated 6/17/19