Street Resurfacing Project

Project Summary
The 2018 Street Resurfacing Project includes the following streets: Anduin, Andre, Claychester Ct (east of bridge), Christine, and Windridge Dr/Ct.  With the exception of the southern part of Christine, each street will have its existing asphalt surface milled off, underlying concrete replaced on an as-needed basis, and then an asphalt overlay.  The southern section of Christine will simply receive an overlay.  None of these streets will be completely reconstructed in the manner that Claychester Drive was last year.

Bids were opened on 3/16 and Ford Asphalt was the low bidder.  The Board of Aldermen approved the contract on 4/9.  The pre-construction meeting took place 7/31, and work is expected to start after Labor Day.  This project was intentionally scheduled for late summer to stagger it from the other significant projects occurring elsewhere in the City earlier in the spring/summer.

Project Maps

Project Update

 and Schedule

Notification Letters were hand-delivered on 9/4 regarding the work. Milling of the existing asphalt took place on Thursday and Friday 9/6 & 9/7

After milling, areas needing concrete base repair were marked for removal and replacement.  The areas needing repair were determined by the Director of Public Works based upon experience and a technique called sounding.
While Andre didn't need any base repair, significant base repair was needed on Anduin, Claychester, Christine (north half), and Windridge Dr/Ct.  

The asphalt paving of Andre, Anduin, and Christine was completed on Wednesday 10/3.  Thank you for your patience, and enjoy your new street! Sweetens/Ford will be in within the next week to perform cleanup and restoration (topsoil and seed).  This fall weather is the ideal time for sowing grass.

Sweetens began removals on Claychester (south side) on 9/18, graded and set forms on 9/19, and poured concrete back in on 9/20.  They started removals on Windridge Court on 9/20 and poured concrete on 9/24They completed removal and replacement on the west side of Windridge Drive on 9/28. After waiting a week for the concrete to cure, they removed slabs on the east side on Monday 10/8, pouring back in on Monday and Tuesday 10/9. They began removing concrete on the north side of Claychester beginning Wednesday 10/3, and poured it back on Friday 10/5.  The concrete on Claychester will be up to strength as of 10/12, and on Windridge as of 10/16. Windridge Dr/Ct and Claychester will receive their asphalt overlays on TUESDAY 10/16. Residents received this letter 10/11/18, and the green "realty signs" were changed out Friday morning to show the day of the closure for paving as TUESDAY.

Tuesday is trash day for Windridge Dr/Ct and Claychester, so please put your cans out Monday night, and Waste Connections will pick them up BEFORE the contractor closes down Windridge Dr/Ct at 8am.

Check back here for the most current information throughout the project.

Last updated 10/12/18